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  • Oniisanbomber and how a pen name can be perfectly self-explanatory


    Don’t laugh. I know you’re laughing, stop it.

    So. I think I need to give an explanation on how I ended up reading “I Met You After The End Of The World” by Oniisanbomber, or how I’ve started calling him, Cristiano Bronaldo.

  • My lockdown wasn't productive

    This post was inspired by this article by Vox.

    My lockdown wasn’t productive at all. It wasn’t free time I got to learn new skills, it wasn’t an unexpected gift, it wasn’t personal growth, there was no silver lining. This pandemic was an anxiety amplifier, something that made my inner feeling of guilt even stronger than before because I was supposed to learn something new, I was expected to turn it into personal growth, and had to turn it into something enjoyable. But I didn’t, and I know I’m not alone.